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Pop-up spas

Whether in Chexbres or Sion, enjoy an exclusive and fully privatized vinotherapy experience in the heart of the vineyards. Now the choice is yours.

Domaine Bovy

In Chexbres, seen from Domaine Bovy, the panorama is breathtaking. Vineyards, lake, mountain and sky seem to agree to seduce you. And, as everything is a matter of perspectives, it is from your bath that the point of view is the most exceptional. After this unique moment, you join the place of care for another, longer time, devoted to your well-being through treatments, scrubs, wraps, massages based on vine products that are lavished on you by hands experts. Following this experience, you are welcome to visit our host winemaker who will be happy to introduce you to his best wines from a choice of 16 high quality wines.

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Gilliard House

Over the centuries, man has shaped the hillsides of the Rhône Valley to create this surge of marvelously ordered natural beauty that plunges towards the fertile plain. It is this unique spectacle that awaits you during the initial bath of the Rituals that La Vigne offers you in Molignon, on the heights of Sion. It is accompanied by a first tasting of one of the products of Maison Gilliard. The following treatments are provided inside a beautiful winegrower's hut, all clad in freestone. Here, the treatments, exfoliation, wraps, massages, are based on a choice of products from the local vine. You choose the grape variety from which the marc is made, which is used to erase you. The vintages of Maison Gilliard are obviously at your disposal if you wish to prolong the moment with a tasting.

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