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Enjoy an exclusive vinotherapy experience in the heart of the vineyards

The reservation calendar is already open for the new season which will start on April 15, 2023.

Let yourself be seduced by the exceptional panorama of a land classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site...  

Relax, immersed in a hot bath in the heart of the vineyard while tasting a glass of noble Chasselas raised within reach. Then, surrender to the care of expert hands and enjoy the benefits of vineyard products with a scrub, a wrap and a massage. And at the same time, contribute to the circular economy of the canton by valorizing what, in the grape, we do not drink...

The pop-up spa:
a unique vinotherapy experience 

La Vigne is a sensory immersion in one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world. The beauty of the landscape, the benefits of the products, the quality of the treatments and the excellence of the wine are also part of our promise. 


Currently, the spa is located at  Domaine Bovy , in Chexbres. He will later move to other vineyards in the region.

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Our products:
the benefits of grapes and vines

Wine therapy uses grapes and vines for their anti-ageing, toning, softening, moisturizing and regenerating qualities. The residues of the vine which are not used in the making of wines are full of molecules (various polyphenols including the famous resveratrol) which help your skin to show its best light.

We took advantage of the early rays of the February sun to prepare and dry the products of the 2022 harvest that will be used for your care. 

The panorama:
an immersion in the heart of the heritage

The Lavaux vineyard must be one of the few in the world to be nourished by three suns: our natural star, its reflection in the waters of Lake Geneva and its heat returned at night, by the low walls which support its terraces.  

In Lavaux, the sun bends over backwards to delight your palate and also repair the signs it may have left on your skin elsewhere. 

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We offer two Rituals: La Vigne and Le Cépage.  

La Vigne Ritual, the more complete of the two, is presented to you below.  

Le Cépage Ritual, on the other hand, focuses on the bath and the massage.

All of our Rituals are ideal for two to share for an exclusive and unique experience.


Hot bath in the heart of the vineyards

Prepare your skin for the treatments and start to relax in a hot bath located in the heart of the vineyards offering you a breathtaking view of the lake and the mountains. Your bath is accompanied by a tasting of a vintage from our host winemaker.

Grape marc exfoliation

Your treatment begins with a body exfoliation with Syrah marc for red or Gewürztraminer for white. The pulp and the grape seeds are recovered from the press, dried and mixed in order to obtain an effective exfoliating effect. Grape marc is antioxidant, purifying and rich in vitamins.

Chasselas lees wrap

The Chasselas lees are carefully prepared before being applied in a thick layer to your skin for about fifteen minutes. The various molecules of polyphenols including the famous resveratrol contained in the lees have antioxidant properties and help slow down skin aging. 

Grape seed oil face massage

The grapeseed oil facial massage, which you enjoy during your wrap, helps to release tension, stimulate blood circulation, tighten facial muscles and rebalance your skin's natural hydration.

Relaxing massage with grapeseed oil

The massage (50 minutes) releases muscle tension and improves blood circulation. Rich in antioxidants, grape seed oil fights against free radicals and skin aging. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, allowing the skin to maintain suppleness and firmness.

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Massage crânien
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Le rituel de soins
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Our setting: the  Domaine Bovy in Chexbres

Contact us now to enjoy a unique experience in the heart of Lavaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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La Vigne received the Vaud Œnotourisme Innovation Prize awarded for the first time by the Vaud Œnotourisme Association in December 2020 and is part of its network, of which you will find all the offers here. La Vigne also won a "Global Best Of Wine Tourism" at the General Assembly of the Great Wine Capitals (GWC) in Mendoza (Argentina) on November 3, 2022 after winning the "Best of Wine Tourism" award in the category "Environment and Development" on September 2, 2022 in Aigle. La Vigne is also a network partner Swiss Wine Tour.

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La Vigne is a product of Travel Factory Sàrl. 
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With the kind collaboration of the companies  Thermex SA and Clensol SA

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