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Wine therapy is based on the virtues of phenolic compounds, a class of molecules present in the plant kingdom – in particular in the vine – and subdivided into different categories, including anthocyanins (responsible for the color of red wine) or tannins ( which provide structure and astringency).  

These polyphenols will protect and regenerate the skin thanks to their moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-radical and anti-inflammatory properties. Polyphenols, which are among the most oxidizable molecules, act as fuses by absorbing oxidative stress and activating a cascade of biochemical and genetic reactions.  

Thus, resveratrol, present in grapes, is the most active molecule for regulating sirtuins (longevity genes) and prolonging cell life.  

Harvested in the Lavaux at the end of the 2022 harvest, the products we offer at the La Vigne spa are 100% natural. 

Grape marc

The marc is recovered after pressing the freshly harvested bunches. It is made up of the skin of grapes, rich in resveratrol, pips from which an oil rich in fatty acids can be obtained, and stalks (framework of the bunch that bears the grapes) themselves rich in tannins and mineral matter. .  

After its harvest, we dried the pomace intended for exfoliation in an artisanal way. We then ground it into two granularities. One very fine for sensitive skin, the other a little less, for a deeper exfoliation.  


The wine lees

The lees is a yeast residue that settles at the bottom of the vats after fermentation. In its natural state, it looks like a creamy, fragrant mud whose antioxidant qualities contribute to soothing and strengthening your skin's natural defences. 


These virtues have been known for a long time. In the canton of Vaud, the ancients used to treat their rheumatism with the help of dregs. It is thus, in its natural state and strong in ancestral tradition, that we offer it to you in our spa.

Oil infused with red vine leaves

The oil we use for the massage is infused with red vine leaves. It is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Its polyphenol content makes it a moisturizing and protective oil which also, of course, has antioxidant properties that help prevent cell aging and reduce wrinkles already present. It helps your skin regain softness, suppleness and elasticity. 

The oil we use for your massage is chosen with the greatest care from renowned producers.  

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